Khenzin’ was established in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 2006 as an off shoot of its mother company.With the incessant increase in business witnessed in this region as a result of an outstanding economic growth, we felt that it was the need of the decade to concentrate on Oil and Gas Sectortrading activities which the sector demanding

we feel very proud to say that we have achieved a substantial growth in a very short span of time and am, indeed, proud of my entire team who stood dutifully by Khenzin during this commendable growth. With a positive outlook for the future, I place full confidence in the capabilities of my staff who, am sure, will remain dedicated and committed. 

Our Mission


To promote and enhance the economic upswing currently witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian and Gulf regions, and to make use the significant experiences acquired over decades of hardworking labor in order to maintain and foster our costumer’s trust and to put local and regional levels up to the international competition.


Our Vision


We aspire to put our company in a leading position in order to locally manufacture products conformant to international level of quality and standards that shall service the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors and anchor the company name as a trade-mark for this industry.