Trading Line

Since 2005, we have been rendering excellent services to the field of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry. KHENZ over the years,
as diversified in to the following services:

Engineering Services in & Trading Services in

Building Automation and Energy Management (BMS, DDC) Control Panels,
Industrial Insulation and Services.

Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Industrial Equipment, Consumables, Building Materials, Oil & Gas Equipment,Safety Equipment (PPE).
KHENZ has a team of well experienced technical and sales staff providing technical guidance and economic solutions without compromising the quality, bearing in mind, the extremely competitive market conditions.
As a result, KHENZ is synonymous for quality, timely performance and complete customer satisfaction.


What is a spill?
A “spill” is any oil or petroleum products, chemicals, wastes or other potentially dangerous materials that are released in any matter.

What is an environmental emergency?
An environmental emergency is any situation that poses an immediate threat to public safety, health or the environment.

Examples include:
* Any oil and chemical spills (including petroleum products)
*CBRNE ( Chemical, Biological, Radiological and/or Nuclear Event)
We supply all available materials available in local and overseas markets for preventing solution and environmental protection.

Khenzin provide excellence and innovation in oil and chemical spill control.

Luquitrol has become industry's first choice for spill prevention, contain ment and control products. Our products deliver a blem of quality, performance, reliability and value for money. Sensitive and cost effective solutions to their spillage control requirements, helping them to meet their legal and moral obligations wile contributiong towards a cleaner, greener, environment, our work with governmental and non governmental organisations puts us at the forefont of spill control.

Fosse Flexibunds
Fosse Flexibunds are 100% polyester with PVC coating. The walls are filled with foam and can easily been run over. Replacement Oil Selective pads fit within the Flexibunds.